Security storm doors are a great product.  They provide a unique look, can last for an extremely long time, and are fantastic when it comes to security (as long as it's a quality product).

The standard color for these doors is primarily black.  But sometimes a black door just doesn't work with your house.

Sometimes a white security storm door is what you need.  They look great when they're installed!

But when it comes to maintenance it's a totally different story.  White steel storm doors are the hardest ones to maintain.  The finish tends to deteriorate that fastest.

So what should you do?

Here are a few simple things you can do to keep your white (or any color) security storm door looking good.

  1. Before you purchase your door ask your sales representative if his company offers any kind if finish enhancement that can help the paint resist the elements longer.  You should make sure that the company uses a powder coated finish for sure, but there are companies out there that utilize other products to ensure a longer life to your product.  If you are purchasing a white door I strongly recommend considering this.
  2. I once had a customer purchase a door from me who had previously purchased from our company.  He was eager to show me his door and I was happy to take a look.  When we got there the door looked fantastic, almost new, and I assumed that he had purchased it within the last 12 months.  When he told me it was 6 years old I was shocked.  The paint still had that sheen that you see on new security storm doors.  So asked him what he did to maintain it.  He told me that about twice a year all he does is take a damp cloth and wipe the door down.  He gets rid of the dirt and build up and simply keeps it clean.  Just this small effort made an astonishing difference in the appearance of his door.
  3. Finally, to really make the finish of your door last and to keep those white doors glistening for many years, you can apply a clear protective enamel to the door once or twice a year.  The enamel acts as a sealant to keep water and dirt from penetrating the corners and curves where the paint first starts to break up.  This is really the ultimate form of protection for your door.  Just ride over to Home Depot, Mendards, or a hardware store and grab some.  The benefits are huge!

Well now that you know these tips you can proceed to purchase a white security storm door with no fear.

All security storm doors will require maintenance at some point.  The darker the color the longer before you start to see wear and tear on the finish.  The lighter the color the quicker you'll need to maintain that finish.

If you do follow the steps above your door's finish will not let you down.