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Installing Premium Glass Block Windows In Chicago

Whether for the interior or exterior of your home in Chicago, glass block windows offer a variety of benefits. From improving energy efficiency to adding security, Defender is proud to offer premium glass block windows.

At Defender, each window is made using only the highest quality glass and waterproof cement to ensure the highest quality product available. In addition to solid mortar joints throughout the window, we also utilize vinyl strapping around the edges of the window instead of steel. This ensures rust will never damage your window over time. The end result is a beautiful, symmetric window designed to last for decades.

 In Chicago, while aluminum canopies cover entry doors, side doors, and back doors, metal awnings cover windows.

Glass Block Windows Offer Key Benefits For Chicago Homes

Take a look at some of the important benefits provided by glass blocks…

Privacy & Security For Your Home Or Office

One excellent feature of glass block windows is that they offer both privacy and security without blocking natural light. The thickness and strength of the window are a natural deterrent to intruders. To get past a glass block window takes both time and effort. Installing glass block windows in your Chicago home is one of the best ways to secure it.

In addition to increasing security, they also provide privacy. Because glass block windows come in a variety of styles, you can use them to keep unwanted eyes from seeing into your home. The traditional wavy pattern increases privacy nicely and the diamond or delphi pattern is totally obscure so that you can’t see into the home at all. Regardless of how much privacy you want to add, your glass block window will still let light in!

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

With Chicago having such an unpredictable climate, homeowners know energy efficiency is very important. Our winters can be severe with extremely low temperatures while our summers are hot and humid. Glass block windows fit our climate perfectly. With their thickness alone, glass blocks make it difficult for hot or cold temperatures to pass from the outside of the house to the inside. In addition to their thickness, the space inside of a glass block is pressure controlled. This creates a dense barrier inside of the block that further reduces the transfer of heat or cold air.

Finally, the mortar joints and waterproof concrete create an air-tight seal. You won’t have to worry about drafts coming through your windows. The end result is a highly energy-efficient window that keeps the cold air out during winter and warm air out during summers.

Chicago Glass Block Windows Are Extremely Versatile

While glass block windows in Chicago may seem simple, they are one of the most versatile improvements you can make to your home.

First, they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. It’s very easy to customize a glass block to fit just about any opening. Glass blocks can come with vents. There are standard vents available or, if your glass block is in or near your utility room, they can come with dryer vents as well.

They also come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. The standard wavy pattern and completely obscure diamond patterns provide privacy and security. The clear glass blocks are great to use in both the exterior and interior. And every style always improves energy efficiency.

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