A2 Sentry Security Storm Door And 6-Panel Steel Entry Door With Transom and Sidelite In Chicago

After 1

Back Double Steel Entry Door Unit

After 2

During With Steel Outer Frame

During With Capping

During With Capping 2

During With Capping 3

During With Capping 4

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During 2

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A2 Sentry Security Storm Door and 6-Panel Steel Entry Door

The A2 Sentry security storm door and six-panel steel entry door with transom and sidelite is an excellent choice for those looking to add security, style, and durability to their homes. This six-panel steel entry door offers a classic design that complements various architectural styles. The transom window above the door provides additional light and enhances the overall aesthetics of your entrance. Our A2 Sentry security storm door and six-panel steel entry door with transom and sidelite is a sturdy and stylish barrier that protects your home while enhancing its curb appeal. Choose this combination for a secure and elegant entrance to your home.

How We Installed The Steel Entry Door and Security Storm Door Systems

Here is one of our recent security door and steel entry door installations in Chicago. This installation is unique in that it includes both a sidelite next to the door and a transom window above the door and sidelite…

As you can see, the existing doors were in need of replacement and so were the jambs. To complete this Chicago door replacement, we removed the existing doors and jambs all the way down to the rough opening. Once the opening was clean we installed the new jambs. Following the jambs, we started with the steel entry door, the sidelite and interior transom window…

Once the steel entry door and sidelites were installed, we capped with jamb with aluminum coil. In the pictures above you can see the bare jamb which is a light color. The capping we used was brown to match the entry door. Once all of the jambs were covered, the opening looked clean, polished and protected from the elements…

Prior to installing the security storm door system on this Chicago house, we installed a steel outer-frame. The outer-frame was installed on top of the jamb and provides a very secure frame to install the storm door, sidelilte and transom on. Once the outer-frame was installed we proceeded to install the security storm door, storm sidelite and storm transom window.

The end result was a total transformation that added both beauty and security as well as a huge improvement in energy efficiency!


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