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Patio Security Doors in Chicago: Security Doors for French Doors & Sliding Patio Security Doors

Patio doors are a great way to add indoor/outdoor living to your home. They are easy to use, provide a lot of light and can also provide great energy efficiency. At the same time, they also have a lot of unprotected glass. When it comes to security, sliding patio doors don’t offer much protection. While they are a great point of access from your home to your yard, they are usually on the side or back of the house that is not visible from the street. The large amount of glass and lack of visibility can make Chicago patio doors a target for potential burglars. So while they can be an amazing feature of any home, security should be considered.

At Defender, we offer patio security doors in Chicago that are designed to not only offer maximum security, but to look great too. The most important part is that they will not affect the use of your sliding patio door at all.

Defender’s patio security doors secure one of the most beautiful, yet vulnerable areas of your Chicago home.

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When we install patio security storm doors in the Chicagoland area, we use our trusted 16-gauge steel security storms and, most importantly, 16-gauge steel framing. This ensures that not only are the doors constructed with some of the strongest steel, but the frame, where your locks engage, is equally as strong. Using a soft, bendable metal like aluminum or a wood frame does not offer nearly as much protection. When you lock the locks of your Chicago patio security doors, they should come out of steel and engage into steel. This gives you maximum protection.

Key Advantages Of Defender’s Patio Security Doors in Chicago

As a leading door company in Chicago for over 40 years, Defender’s sliding door security gates offer the maximum level of protection. Installing patio security doors, however, is not quite the same as installing a traditional security storm door. There are some key points to be aware of that Defender does to ensure your sliding patio door is protected.

  • Steel Outer Frame – With most patio security storm doors in Chicago, the framing around the sliding patio door is not set up to install patio security doors on. At Defender, we custom-build a steel outer frame to create the proper framing for your security doors. When we install onto a steel outer frame, your 16-gauge steel frame is secured to the 16-gauge steel outer frame for both maximum security and to help your doors last as long as possible. It’s important to note that our steel outer frame is fully attached with no gaps. We do not use mounting brackets which only fasten to the wall/frame at minimal points and leave gaps behind the doors.
  • 1-inch Security Deadbolt With Reinforced Steel Pin – As mentioned above when you lock your Chicago patio security doors, that lock goes out of 16-gauge steel and into a 16-gauge steel frame. The deadbolt lock is reinforced with a steel pin for maximum security. In addition to the reinforced pin, the lock area also has what’s called a steel lip. The steel lip covers the space between the door and the frame where the locks are so that objects like a screwdriver or other tools cannot tamper with the locks.
  • Steel Vault Pins – Two steel vault pins are located on the hinge-side frame of our steel patio security doors in Chicago. When you close and lock your patio security gate, the vault pins engage with the door offering additional security. When both your knob and deadbolt are locked, you have 4 points of engagement between the frame and the door – one with the knob lock, one with the deadbolt lock, and two with the vault pins. Hypothetically, even if your door didn’t have hinges, it still could not be removed from the steel frame.
  • Great Energy Efficiency – While security may be the primary focus, patio security storm doors also offer enhanced energy efficiency. During Chicago’s cold winters, we provide all of the glass, which is safety tempered, to help keep the cold air out. Our patio storm doors are also weather-stripped on all sides with door sweeps at the bottom. This helps keep drafts out. For warmer weather, half-screen inserts are included. With the screen in, you can open your sliding patio door, get ventilation, and still have the protection of the steel storm doors.

No patio door security gate is complete without expert installation. At Defender, that starts with re-measuring each patio storm door job. After the initial measurement is taken, we send a technician to re-measure. This ensures that we get not only the size of each door correct, but the exact dimensions of the steel outer frame. Our installers have nearly 8 decades of combined experience! Whether you’re looking for security doors for French doors on your back porch/patio or sliding patio security doors, at Defender Steel Door, we will get your Chicago patio security door installation right!

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