Round Top Security Storm Doors Chicago

Defender’s Round Top Security Storm Doors Chicago

Arch top doors are one of the most beautiful and dramatic features you can find on a home. Whether it’s a full round top, cathedral, eyebrow, camber or arch top – you can’t deny the curb appeal of these doors. Chicago and it’s suburbs have many neighborhoods where you can find blocks lined with homes featuring gorgeous, historical round top doors.

But what about when you need to replace them? Defender Steel Door Co. is one of the few companies that can make a custom door for whatever size or style door you have. Why would you replace one of these beautiful arch top storm doors? Well, more often than not, these doors are decades old and no longer fit the opening as they should and that can allow for lots of energy loss or problems opening and closing the door. As a matter of fact, our steel entry doors offer 6 times the energy efficiency of the best wood door!

A Defender Steel Door Co. arch top steel entry door will create an airtight opening saving you money on your heating and cooling costs. Our custom made round top steel entry doors will not expand or contract and will assure an energy efficient, smoothly operating door that is near maintenance free.

We also custom make steel security storm doors for these custom shapes. They will provide added energy efficiency and security for your home while keeping all of its charm. We offer a variety of styles to choose from to compliment your home and budget!

One of the first steps is to determine what type of arch top you have. Is it a full arch? Is it a camber top or cathedral top? There are even curved and pointed tops. While most should not affect the design, this is a good place to start. Take a look at the image below to see what each type of top looks like.

Arch Top Security Storm Door Styles

The full arch is the most common and is actually a semi-circle. It is still considered a custom door even though it’s the most common. Camber top, curved top, pointed top and cathedral top are all unique in the sense that a template is required for each. While a template may not be required for a full arch, it’s best to still create one to make sure the door fits the opening. The pointed and cathedral top doors are the most rare, but you can still see them throughout the Chicagoland area.

Things To Keep In Mind With Round Top Storm Doors In Chicago

While they are beautiful, round top security storm doors need some special attention when they are replaced.

Measuring An Arch Top Security Storm Door

The most important aspect of replacing a round top storm door is getting the measurements right. While measuring the width is fairly standard, everything changes when it comes to the top of the door. The key measurement to take is measuring the springline which is where the arch starts to begin. At Defender, this is where we start to create the arch top security storm door template. This is different for each door, especially with styles other than a full arch.

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