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What Makes A Vinyl Replacement Window Great?

There are many vinyl replacement windows available, but there are certain features that make Defender’s window a superior product.

It starts by using pure, virgin vinyl. Because or vinyl is pure the color of our windows lasts longer and the strength of our windows is unmatched. The window is further strengthened by fusion welding all of the corners. Finally, the frame and sashes are reinforced with steel. This makes the window extremely rigid and results in windows that last as long as you live in your home

Our window also comes with 7/8 in. insulated glass. By utilizing 7/8 instead of 5/8 we are able to create a wider space between the glass and offer a much more energy efficient window. Options such as Low E and Argon Gas are also available to improve the energy efficiency of your vinyl replacement window.

In addition to providing an outstanding product, our installation process is professional with great care being given to the small details. All of our windows come with a transferable lifetime warranty as well as warranty on our workmanship.

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