Security Storm Door Care Guide


Lock Mechanism

At least once a year, apply a teflon lubricant to the working parts and in the key way. This reduces friction between the moving parts. Also, if a squeak develops, lubricate the hinges.

Brass Parts

To keep all brass parts attractive, use a good brass polish or brass cleaner. Cleaning these parts once a year should be sufficient in most areas.

Door Closer

An adjustment screw is located at the end of the closer. To speed closing turn adjustment screw counter clockwise. To slow closing, turn adjustment screw clockwise. Lubricating the hinges and the closer shaft will also affect the closing speed.

Note. door will close slower with glass installed due to air pressure when prime/entry door is closed. Wind direction will also affect closing speed.

Heavy Duty Door Closer

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Wind Chain

Your heavy duty wind chain is designed to prevent damage to the door closer and other parts, should wind or any other force attempt to open the door too far. Caution: Never remove the wind chain unless door closer has been disconnected first and door is held firmly while open.


Use a good quality glass cleaner and a clean, soft cloth. It is recommended that glass be removed to be cleaned properly.


Use an acrylic cleaner and polish. Note: do not use any cleaning products containing abrasives.


Loosen closer before attempting to remove glass or screen. Remove screens from door and spray lightly with water. Allow screen to dry before reinstallation.


To ensure your door retains an efficient seal, use a phillips screw driver to tighten the glass glips that are around your glass. The expander at the bottom of the door has a double vinyl sweep. There are metal screws holding it securely. This was set at the time of installation. In the event of an unusual jamb movement or the house settling, the sweep can be readjusted.


To clean the surface, use a warm water solution. In order to clean the door properly it is recommended that the glass and/or screens be removed.

All metals that are exposed to the weather can rust. However, you can help prevent rust by applying a protective wax coating to the door.

If for any reason, your doors require touch-up due to scratches, abrasions on the surface, etc., simply paint over that area by applying color matched paint.

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