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Security storm doors serve a major purpose on a home. On one hand, they provide beauty. Just as important, they provide security. Because of this, it is important that your security storm door Chicago is constructed properly.

All too often a metal storm door made of 16 gauge steel will be installed using an aluminum frame. While aluminum has its benefits, it is too soft and pliable to provide true security. This is why every Defender security storm door is installed using a 16 gauge steel frame to match the strength of the door and provide the security you need.

Defender welds all corners at a 45 degree angle – known as mitering – to cover over 30% more surface area. This adds strength to the door and seals it completely, eliminating any caps that can cause pre-mature deterioration.

We also take great care and add vault pins to every security storm door. Vault pins are steel pins that protrude from the frame and engage in the hinge-side of the door. This extra security feature guarantees that your door cannot be opened or removed, even if the hinges are removed from the door, as long as the deadbolt is locked.

At Defender we offer over 60 styles to choose from. In addition to providing unparalleled security, you can find the perfect style as well. Every style comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from, each of which is applied using a powder coated, baked on finish.

We also provide everything you need for year-round use – screen, glass, pneumatic closer, locks, sweep, and installation. When you order a Defender security storm door you will receive a complete and professional installation! This is how we have become the leader in Chicago security storm doors!

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