Congratulations, you have just invested in the most attractive, energy efficient and secure steelclad Entry Door System manufac­lured today. In order to maximize that investment We have devel­oped this fact sheet for your reference.

If you purchased a factory prefinished door then your entry system has been professionally prefinietred using the latest equipment. Unfortunately, we can not guaratee finish paint from use, abuse or fading. However,our paint has been custom engineered for our application. The paint is a two component, catalized, polyurethane acrylic enamel. A spe­cial primer, hand sanding, multiple finish coats and oven drying assure you years of maintenance free service. 

To clean your door use a mild household detergent or win­dow cleaner. Use of heavy solvents or abrasives may have an adverse effect on the paint and/or color pigments.

A small bottle of touch-up paint is provided for your convenience.


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New locks are often stiff and the key may seem hard to turn. This situation will remedy itself after a few weeks of operation. In the meantime do not force the lock as you can damage the lock and/or break the key in the lock.

Annual lubrication of the tumblers is recommended. WD-40 or any quality teflon based lubricant should suffice.

If your hinges begin to squeek they may also need lubricating.


(1) loosen Phillips head screws (2) adjust slotted screws to raise or lower riser (3) close door and check fit of riser against vinyl sweep (4) readjust to insure slight compres­sion of sweep (5) secure Phillips head screws to lock riser in place.


(1) Adjust slotted screws to raise or lower riser (2) close door and check fit of riser against sweep (3) readjust to insure slight compression of sweep.

The magnetic weatherstripping system provides you with the same air tight seal provided on most higher quality refrigerator doors. This system provides a perfect seal around the perimeter of the door to eliminate drafts and air leaks. The “TPE” compound used in the extrusion of our weatherstripping is more flexible than more commonly used vinyl, and extends the life of the weatherstripping.

Do not clean weatherstripping with abrasive solvents , as it may dissolve the “TPE” compound..

The weatherstripping is secured in wood stops to assure proper location of the weatherstripping around the perime­ter of the door. The wood is treated against rotting and primed. We recommend you paint these wood stops at your earliest convenience.

Installed at the bottom of the door is a vinyl weatherstrip sweep. This sweep assures an air tight seal at the base of the system and works in conjunction with the adjustable threshold. In the eventuality that this sweep wears out it can easily be replaced without removing the door from the frame. Pry the old sweep loose with a screwdriver and insert the new sweep into the two wood groves in the bottom rail of the door.

Insulated glass is provided in all of our doors unless otherwise specified. Most of our units are 1/2″ inulated (IG), tempered safety glass. In the unlikely event of breakage we recommend you replace the glass with safety tempered glass. Most insulated glass units are approximately  1″ (one inch) larger overall than the exposed glass.

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