Custom Arch Top Steel Storm Door Installation In Downers Grove, IL

After 1

Back Double Steel Entry Door Unit

After 2

During With Steel Outer Frame

Before 1

Before 2

This Round Top Storm Door In Downers Grove Was Unique For A Variety Of Reasons

First, we’d like to thank the customer for grinding the excess mortar from the jamb away. His preparation made the opening extremely clean and allowed us to complete the first phase of this Downers Grove  installation perfectly.

The second element making this arch top door installation unique is that we used an arched steel outer frame to install the storm door on. Most of the time, a storm door gets installed on brickmould. But due to the condition of the brickmold and the excessive mortar covering it, we installed the steel outer frame directly on to the jamb. This not only provides for a very clean look, but gives this steel storm door in Downers Grove a very sturdy foundation to be hung on.

With the steel outer frame in place, we began the installation of the round top door. The door was painted in our custom Mocha finish which matched the soffit, fascia and gutters nicely. The door is our H4 Season All which gives plenty of light and also comes with an arched screen for ventilation. This Downers Grove home has a beauiful round top wood entry door and the storm door complements it beautifully, allowing the natural wood look to show through.

Finally, this arch top steel door in Downers Grove was installed with an upgraded mortise slimline lock. It’s an elegant design and the satin chrome finish gives it a subtle, classy look.

Round top doors may not be the easiest to replace, but when they are done right, they are stunning. This arch top storm door installation in Downers Grove is a great example!


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