This Patio Security Storm Door In Chicago Adds Both Beauty And Security

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Back Double Steel Entry Door Unit

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When You Want Style And Security, This Patio Security Storm Door Unit In Chicago Is The Perfect Fit

 Chicago patio security storm doors serve quite a few different functions. As a primary entry and exit, usually to the back yard, patio doors can see a lot of activity. They are also an important way to ventilate the home and connect the inside of the house to the outside.

One of the downsides to sliding patio doors is simply that they are almost entirely glass. This leaves them somewhat vulnerable. So when we completed this patio security storm door installation in Chicago, we not only added maximum security, but beauty and energy efficiency as well.

The style of this patio security door unit is the Carrington from our laser art series. We painted it in our custom Mocha color and installed satin nickel locks. Both steel doors have lock sets for symmetry even though only one is considered the operable door. Visually, this patio security storm door in Chicago has a clean and modern look.

Beyond asthetics, it is securing the sliding patio door behind it. The 16-gauge steel doors may look beautiful, but they are extremely strong and provide extreme security. We installed these with all of the glass inserts in place. In warmer weather the screen can be added for ventilation as well.

This patio security storm door in Chicago serves a variety of functions while providing excellent security.


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