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Installing Metal Awnings in Chicago

Here at Defender Steel Door & Window Company in Chicago, we know that our awnings & canopies do more than just shield you from the rain. Just like our energy-efficient security entry doors & vinyl replacement windows in Chicago, our well-manufactured and professionally installed awnings and canopies for homes and businesses can help significantly reduce your cooling costs. Plus, our attractive awnings and canopies in Chicago come in a wide variety of custom colors and color combinations to really boost your curb appeal while shielding you and your home from the sun, snow, rain, and heat.

Chicago Window Awning & Canopy Companies Near Me

In Chicago, while aluminum canopies cover entry doors, side doors, and back doors, metal awnings cover windows.

What is the difference between an awning and a canopy?

The only difference between awnings and canopies is that awnings are installed above windows, while canopies are installed above doors. Both can be made from metal and customized for your home.

Custom Canopy Installation Chicago

Our canopies will be custom-made and expertly installed over your doorways to keep the rain off while searching for your keys, provide cover in the snow, and really accent your entryway.

Custom Awning Installation Chicago

Our awnings are also custom-made and installed by our team of experts to shield your windows from excess sun, allowing you to save extra on those cooling costs. They also protect the inside of your home from excess fading from the sun.

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Chicago Aluminum Awning & Canopy Installation Photos

Here are just some of the metal awnings and canopies that we’ve installed for homes across the Chicagoland area:

Chicago Custom Metal Awnings Company Near Me

While technically a metal canopy, what most people refer to as metal awnings can be added to both homes and businesses.

Chicago Aluminum Awning Companies Near Me

Get a commercial metal awning or residential awning/canopy from Defender.

Chicago Metal Awning Installers Near Me

Our Chicago awning installers near you are experienced and ready to help.

Why Are Defender’s Aluminum Awnings and Canopies in Chicago Superior to the Competition?


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