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When it comes to fencing, there are a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from. If you need a Chicago fence company, let us help you understand the different options so you can get the right material and style you are looking for.

Defender offers all materials and nearly every style of fencing available. Whether you are looking for a maintenance free option like vinyl or need something built for strength and beauty like wrought iron fencing, we have what you need.

We also take great pride in being the best fence installation company in Chicago. Each type of fencing is installed differently. Our expert fence specialists are familiar with each type of fencing and the details of the installation process. By always installing our fencing properly, Defender is able to provide fences that last for many decades.

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Here are the different types we offer:

Vinyl Fencing – Vinyl fences come in a vast array of styles. They offer strength, security, and privacy. One of the most important benefits of vinyl fences is that they are maintenance free. You never have to worry about rotting or decaying. Vinyl fences also will never need painting or staining. We take great care with our installation process using concrete when installing posts for long term stability. We also use post stiffeners in gates and when necessary along stretches of fencing. Defender uses only top quality vinyl to ensure the best material and ultimately provide a long-term quality product.

 Wrought Iron Fencing – To add beauty and top of the line strength, a wrought iron fence is perfect for the job. At Defender we have been installing wrought iron fencing for over 20 years. We use the strongest steel available and always sink posts deep enough into the ground to go below the frost line so your fence remains as strong as possible. We also offer many different styles and options. Choose from a very decorative and ornate wrought iron fence, or one that is simple. Either way, you will receive a top of the line product with a truly professional installation.

 Aluminum Fencing – A great way to combine beauty and a low maintenance product, aluminum fencing has grown in popularity. With 100% galvanized aluminum and a G90 rating, Defender offers the highest quality aluminum fencing available. Our aluminum fences are finished with a premium powder coat that drastically reduces maintenance. Simply put, we at Defender are a Chicago fence company that offers a top-of-the-line product that will be installed to perfection.

 Wood Fencing – The natural beauty of wood is a great way to enhance the privacy, appearance, and security of any home. Not all wood is created equal, and this is where Defender rises above the competition of other fence companies in Chicago. We only use Western Red Cedar and to top it off, we only use premium grade Western Red Cedar for all of our wood fences. By using the highest grade, our wood fences contain natural oils that resist decay to make your fence last longer. Our experienced installation team will perform a precise job guaranteeing a long-lasting and very beautiful wood fence.

 Chain Link Fencing – When it comes to chain link fencing, strength is the key. At Defender we are proud to offer 9 gauge chain link fencing which is among the strongest gauges for the residential market. Our veteran installers will sink all posts below the frost line and fill the holes with concrete so your fence last for decades. Being one of the most cost effective forms of fencing, Defender’s chain link fences provide unmatched value.

Allow us at Defender to be your chosen fence installation partner in Chicago—you can get started today.  

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