Hand-Stained Woodgrain Steel Entry Door With Full Oval Heirloom Glass And Matching Woodgrain Aluminum Storm Door In Olympia Fields, IL

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Our hand-stained woodgrain steel entry door with full oval heirloom glass and matching woodgrain aluminum storm door is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. These steel doors that look like wood offer the durability of steel with the warm, appealing look of wood. This unique fusion creates an inviting entrance while providing superior security and insulation. Our woodgrain metal doors will enhance your home’s curb appeal without compromising on safety or efficiency. Choose our hand-stained woodgrain steel entry door with full oval heirloom glass and matching woodgrain aluminum storm door for an elegant yet robust solution to your home’s entrance requirements.

How This Amazing Front Entry Door Transformation In Olympia Fields, IL Took Place

The end result of this entry and storm door installation was absolutely beautiful. We replaced the original wood entry door and an old aluminum storm with unique entry and storm doors. This home in Olympia Fields, IL now has some amazing curb appeal!

First, the steel entry is unique. Instead of smooth steel, we used a textured steel that gives the look of wood. The finish is actually applied by hand and is a unique stain to make the steel door look like wood. The glass is a full oval in the heirloom style. The glass uses brass caming and matches the designer lock set which is in a polished brass finish. This steel door in Olympia Fields looks beautiful.

The aluminum storm door is also unique. Instead of being painted in a traditional color, it’s also textured and hand-stained to give it a wood look. We used the same stain as on the entry door so both match. The lock set is the Brookfield lock set in polished brass which matches the lock finish of the entry door. So not only is the storm door in Olympia Fields, IL an amazing door on its own, but combines perfectly with the steel entry door.

While the new front entry storm door has dramatically changed the appearance of the house, there are some other key benefits…

First the steel entry door in Olympia Fields, IL is extremely energy efficient. Compared to the wood door we replaced, our steel entry door is about 6 times more energy efficient! We use magnetic weatherstripping as well so when the door closes, it seals air-tight just like a refrigerator!

Second, this steel entry door replacement was installed with a steel frame. Prior to installation, the customer’s locks would come out of a wood door and engage into a wood frame. Now, they come out of a steel edge and engage into a steel frame. This makes the steel door in Olympia Fields much more secure.


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