If you are looking to add a new storm door or replace an existing one, you may have some questions regarding whether or not to go with aluminum vs. steel storm doors: everything you should know about steel security storm doors or aluminum storm doors includes the following considerations.

Energy Efficiency

Both aluminum storm doors and steel security doors will add energy efficiency to your home. Here in Chicagoland, we see some harsh winters and hot summers. Our steel security storm doors do offer a bit more energy efficiency than our aluminum doors, but whether you opt for an aluminum storm door or steel security storm door, you will be helping to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while saving on your heating and cooling costs.

Strength and Resilience

Here again is an area where both types of storm doors perform well. Obviously, steel is heavier than aluminum, but did you know that aluminum has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio? This means that even though it is a lightweight material, it is still very strong relative to its weight. Some customers prefer a lighter weight door and find that aluminum is the right choice for them.

When it comes to our steel security storm doors, you can’t beat the strength of our 16-gauge steel. Some companies use steel to manufacture the door but then use aluminum for the frame. Here at Defender Steel Door & Window Company, we use 16-gauge steel for both the door and the frame for the ultimate strength and security. Our steel security storm doors are the strongest option available: they will not dent and are nearly impossible to kick in.

Durability and Endurance

While it’s true that aluminum is a lighter weight material, the aluminum storm doors Defender Steel Door & Window Company offers have lots of features that make them more durable than many other aluminum storm doors available in the Chicagoland area.

Our aluminum storm doors are made from a 1 ¼” thick .062” heavy-gauge aluminum, making them dent resistant, and their arc-welded corners make them the strongest aluminum storm doors available. These welded corners far outlast and outperform screwed-together corners, which will loosen, rattle, and sag over time.

We also use a unique pocket hinge to provide strength. As the frame of the door carries the weight, the hinges are not being pulled from the door during operation like our competitors’ doors.

As for our steel security storm doors’ durability, it goes without saying that steel is a very durable material. Where our doors really stand out from the competition is the details. As we mentioned above, we use 16-gauge steel to manufacture both the door and the frame, unlike some steel security storm doors where the door is steel, and the frame is aluminum. Our 16-gauge steel frame is a heavy-duty, 2” steel, all-welded door frame with a lifetime warranty.

Our steel security storm doors have a polyester powder-coated finish that outperforms standard liquid paint used on some ornamental storm doors. Our powder-coated finish is resistant to fading, chipping, corrosion, and weathering.

Security and Peace of Mind

Obviously, our steel security storm doors are going to offer the best security for your home. If security is your main concern, then you definitely want to go with a steel security storm door. Not only do these doors act as a visual deterrent, but they also provide real security with their 16-gauge steel door and frame and added security features. These features include hinge-side vault pins behind the top and bottom hinges that provide additional security. We also have a superior hinge design with three 7” forged steel hinges with nonremovable, one-way screws. Plus, we offer options such as heavy-duty mortise locks where the deadbolt has a full 1” throw.

Unique Design Features

Here in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, we have every type of home available, from historic bungalows to Georgians and ranch style homes. When it comes to finding the right storm door for your home, we have something for everyone. Our steel security storm doors come in a variety of styles from clean lines to incredibly ornate, and we even have a laser art series with no welded-on decorative castings. We offer the most variety when it comes to decorative options.

That isn’t to say that our aluminum storm doors don’t provide options. As a matter of fact, these doors offer something that our steel security storm doors don’t—self-storage screens! This unique feature is only available in our aluminum storm doors and is a must-have for some of our customers.

Another feature unique to our aluminum storm doors is the ability to match a woodgrain steel entry door. That’s right—we can actually make you an aluminum storm door with a woodgrain finish in a variety of stains from oak to mahogany.

Which Is Best for Your Home?

Whether you opt for a steel security storm door or an aluminum storm door, you will get added energy efficiency and the ability to keep your entrance locked while allowing the fresh air in. And with Defender Steel Door & Window Company, you will also get expert installation and a lifetime warranty with either product.

Think of it this way when weighing aluminum vs. steel storm doors: If security is your prime concern, steel security storm doors are your best option. If you want to match the woodgrain finish of your steel entry door or have a self-storing glass and screen, then you want one of our aluminum storm doors. If style and design are your primary concern, then you have plenty of options with both!

Let Defender Steel Door & Window Company of Chicago help you determine which type of storm door will work best for your home and your needs. We can show you a variety of options to suit your taste and your home’s architectural style. Add security while enhancing curb appeal for your Chicago area home. Call Defender Steel Door & Window Company of Chicago today!

Aluminum vs. Steel Storm Doors: Everything You Should Know


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