Buildings need entrances, and different types of buildings need various doors. The building’s style and purpose, how often people use the door, and how the door looks are all important considerations, along with building security. Explore the differences between residential and commercial doors.

Door Size and Thickness

Residential doors typically have standard sizes, with most entry doors measuring around 80 inches in height and 32 or 36 inches in width. Commercial doors, on the other hand, come in a wider range of sizes to accommodate larger entrances and more foot traffic.

Homeowners don’t have to sacrifice security with residential doors. Defender Steel Door can provide the security of a commercial steel door in a variety of steel doors appropriate for residential use.

Building Code Requirements

Commercial doors must meet stricter building code requirements than residential doors. These codes often relate to fire resistance, emergency egress, and accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Residential doors must also meet building code requirements, which are generally less stringent.

Frequency of Use

Many commercial doors get heavy traffic from customers, clients, and employees coming and going. They’re built to endure frequent use, making them durable enough for businesses and public spaces. Residential doors, although sturdy and durable, generally don’t see as much use.

Locking Mechanisms

The locking mechanisms of residential and commercial doors vary significantly. Residential doors typically feature standard knobs and deadbolts for security. Commercial doors, however, have more complex locking systems like panic bars, electronic access controls, or high-security cylinders to ensure the safety of larger numbers of people and valuable assets.

Understanding these differences between residential and commercial doors can assist you in selecting the right door for your home or business. Prioritize functionality, safety, and durability to ensure your door stands the test of time. Chicagoland homeowners depend on Defender Steel Door for beautiful and secure entry doors that provide strength, durability, and style.


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