Selecting a patio security door involves more than just picking out a design that matches your home. Understanding the questions to ask before choosing a patio security door can take you a long way toward ensuring your home’s safety and security.

What Materials Do You Use for Your Patio Security Doors?

The first question to consider is about the material of the patio security door. Common materials include steel or aluminum, which are robust in nature. However, the quality of these materials can differ significantly, making it crucial to inquire about the type and grade used.

Are the Doors Protected From the Elements?

If not coated properly, steel patio security doors can rust. Ask a seller if their steel patio security doors have protective, baked-on powder coatings.

Aluminum doors, while corrosion resistant, can develop oxidation. The oxidation protects the metal from corrosion but creates a white or gray appearance.

What Are the Frames Made Of?

The frame of your patio security door is as important as the door itself. Steel frames offer the greatest strength, and the grade of steel used is important. Defender Steel Doors uses 16-gauge steel frames to provide maximum security and resistance.

Aluminum frames are lighter and rust-resistant but may not provide the same level of strength or resistance to forceful entry. Knowing which material suits your needs best will guide your decision-making process.

How Does the Door Lock?

The locking mechanism is a critical aspect of your patio security door. Steel deadbolt pins that cross from a 16-gauge steel door to a 16-gauge frame, as those in Defender Steel Door’s steel security storm doors, provide the strongest type of lock. Plus, when a steel lip covers the space between the frame and the door, it’s nearly impossible for a potential intruder to use a tool to compromise the lock.

What Prevents Intruders From Removing or Kicking In the Door?

Your patio security door should have features that deter intruders from easily kicking in or removing the door. Vault pins embedded in the frame engage the hinge sides of the door when it’s locked. These pins provide additional points of engagement with the frame that increase security and make it difficult to remove the door.

Are the Doors Customizable, and What Styles Do You Offer?

Getting an accurate measurement and creating a frame that will fit your patio door opening are critical to giving a patio security storm door the ability to protect your home.

Ask about your choice of designs. You want patio security doors that protect your patio doors, keep intruders out of your home, and complement the architectural style of your home.

Knowing the right questions to ask before you choose a patio security door can help you make an informed decision that protects your home effectively. By understanding the materials, construction, locking mechanisms, warranty, and maintenance, you can rest assured that your choice will serve you well.


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